Luan Morina

Head of department for energy Ministry of Economy Kosovo (Kosovo)

Born on March 16, 1974 in Prizren. Currently I am living and working in Prishtine, Republic of Kosovo.
In terms of education, after basic studies in economics, I continued my postgraduate studies in Kosovo, University of Prishtine – and I got Master degree in Economy and as well in the UK, Lancaster University, when I got second Master degree in Energy and Environment
I have also attended a large number of trainings in several fields such as: Negotiator Facilitator, provide from Vienna School of Negotiation, Energy Diplomacy , provide from Bulgarian Institute for diplomacy, and others such as Public policies, Strategy and Planning etc.
Work experience:
My work experience mainly in the public institutions, mainly in ministry responsible for energy, in the Government of Kosovo. I had several responsibilities during the time in different positions
However, since 2012 I am in the position as a Head of the Department for Energy, within the Ministry of Economy.
Main responsibility are related to the drafting process in the energy policies, such as preparation of the national energy strategy and implementation program, preparation of legislation in the field of energy, starting from fossil sources to renewable sources, energy efficiency, thermal energy, natural gas, etc.
Recently having in mind current and upcoming obligation for energy and clima, we as a Department for energy together the ministry of environment are responsible for drafting of the National Energy and Climate action Plan- NECP, so we are responsible as well for nation targets in energy sector.
Parallel with these mention above, I am responsible as well for representing the country, energy sector in different responsibilities.
Since 2012, I am representing Kosovo in the Permanent High Level Group- PHLG, within the secretariat of the energy community.
As well I am responsible for representing our country in other related energy agendas with European commission, such as agendas related to the energy in the process for Stabilization and Association, and as well I am coordinate activities related to the energy sector with other actors such as donors, financial institutions and other relevant mechanisms.