Dubravka Bošnjak

GIZ ORF (Bosna i Hercegovina)

Dubravka Bošnjak was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated at the Faculty of economics in Sarajevo in the field of International Economy. After completing a Master's degree in European Integration at the Faculty of Political Science, her professional experience was focused on European Integration and Foreign Affairs. As a member of different international projects and business affairs in the EU Accession process, she was strongly involved in the development and implementation of the Regional projects. Since January 2009 she has been a team member of the GIZ-implementet Open Regional Fund for South East Europe - Energy Efficiency. As a Project manager for EU Issues she works on coordinating activities in this field with an aim to provide assistance to the accession process of the countries in the Region, in the fields of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. She is managing the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ - GmbH contributions in the project on strengthening of the network of energy efficient capital cities in the South Eastern European countries.